Monday, 9 September 2013

New Blog, New Outlook

I'm back!  I had gotten off the old blog writing there for awhile. Life became too hectic and there were more important things for me to Pinterest and Candy Crush. LOL 
Things have changed quit a bit  since my last blog.  My Life ...or is it. Not sure if any of you remember it.  
My kids have more babies around.  It's different but no quieter.  My older son is now in his 5th year of university and our youngest child has just started 2nd grade.  The four in between are 19, 13, 8, and 8.  All doing well.
As for me.  Well...I've survived uterine cancer.  I survived the horrible hormones and crushing depression that  comes with it.  
We've had some loss in our lives and plenty of ups and downs.  
Stay tuned to find out what we are doing now. 

Until then... 

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