Friday, 13 September 2013

Early Dismissal Days:  Why??

It is one of the silliest things the school board has done.  
Make a half day PD day.  Really?  A half day?  So us moms get our littles and bigs up early , feed them breakfast, get them dressed , and pack snacks , only to have them return at noon. 
I don't 'know what is wrong with the people who have made this up.  Are you not parents?  Any of you?  This is an incredible waste of time for my typical kids.  Throw in a child with autism and you have a disaster brewing.  My son doesn't like to go to school to begin with.  So it's a power struggle from the time I wake him up.  For what?  A half day?  A few hours?  To accomplish what I wonder.
No I don't just want to keep him home. I'm sure thats what goes around in people's heads when i am venting.   No..I need my time as much as he and all of the children need their time.  I just don't get how half a day PD day benefits anyone.  
That's my vent ...done now
until next time
*not even into two full weeks of school and the kids already have a half PD day.  What a silly thing* 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A Sick Day 

Just last week she was fine. She went off to her first day of school in great spirits.  By Thursday she was not.  She was not fine, she did not go off to school nicely.  In fact she pitched a fit, refused to walk and then when i said I'd drive , she refused to get out of the car.  I got out, in my pyjamas, if you live in our neighbourhood you probably giggled at my red polka dotted p.'s.  See had I known I'd have to get out of the van to get her up off the sidewalk I'd of  gotten dressed.  For sure I'd of gotten dressed if I knew I would have to actually walk her to the gate of the school yard.  But alas I had no idea.  She just plain didn't want to go.  She wouldn't say why.  She wasn't sick, or so I thought.
You see, Abby has struggled with bladder issues since she was a baby.  So if she doesn't tell me her symptoms, I just assume she's ok.  I didn't notice anything, until the weekend.  So does that mean she was feeling yucky and sore all that time?  I'm not sure.  She won't tell me if she feels like she is getting a UTI because she doesn't know herself.  So it's always a waiting game.  She so used to feeling sore that she now even refuses to drink the water she so desperately needs to make her feel better.
Yesterday though she presented with a fever and sure enough the doctor confirmed it was indeed a urinary tract infection.  AGAIN. At this point she was in so much discomfort.  I wish I had known earlier.  Could that be the reason for her challenging behaviours?  How often have I missed an infection?
So today she is home, having a sick day when she's just really beginning to feel better.  (she was home yesterday too)  She is enjoying herself, happy and content.
In a few weeks we will be back at McMaster for yet more tests to see why she keeps getting infections, despite her having healthy bladder classes last March, despite her being on a low dose anti biotic to try and ward off infections.
I just want my little girl to feel better, to feel better all the time.

Monday, 9 September 2013

New Blog, New Outlook

I'm back!  I had gotten off the old blog writing there for awhile. Life became too hectic and there were more important things for me to Pinterest and Candy Crush. LOL 
Things have changed quit a bit  since my last blog.  My Life ...or is it. Not sure if any of you remember it.  
My kids have more babies around.  It's different but no quieter.  My older son is now in his 5th year of university and our youngest child has just started 2nd grade.  The four in between are 19, 13, 8, and 8.  All doing well.
As for me.  Well...I've survived uterine cancer.  I survived the horrible hormones and crushing depression that  comes with it.  
We've had some loss in our lives and plenty of ups and downs.  
Stay tuned to find out what we are doing now. 

Until then...